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Canyons Coffee is a full service espresso bar on the go! This is for the host that wants to spoil their guests and provide a luxurious and caffeinated experience at their event.

It’s a mobile cart system that can be taken to indoor and outdoor events. With its minimalistic footprint and simple design it brings artisan coffee to events all around Salt Lake City. It is less obtrusive than a food truck, and it’s much quieter as well.

Hi, my name is Maddy and I’ve been a barista for six years.

I’ve always loved the culture that coffee brings – seeing regular customers, the community that forms around a particular shop, and how making a drink for someone creates an opportunity for friendship. I love that coffee shops provide a place for relationships to grow, a place for people to rest, and a spot to get work done. I enjoy learning about coffee and experiencing good coffee with friends.

Madeline Swank

Steven Swank

Need more info? Check out our frequently asked questions.

What Drinks Do You Serve?

We keep a simple menu with espresso based drinks and tea. View our menu page to see all of our drinks.

Where can I find Canyons Coffee?

You can find us at events all around Salt Lake City.

Do you serve any food?

We focus only on drinks so that we can be mobile and keep our quality high!

Do you need access to water?

Nope! We bring our own water. We only need access to electricity and then we’re good to go.

How many people can you serve at an event?

We can make about 45 drinks per hour.

Do you serve drip coffee?

Currently we only serve espresso based drinks, but we may serve drip coffee in the future.