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We Serve People Coffee

Canyons Coffee is the premier mobile espresso bar and specialty coffee catering service in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. Not only do we make great coffee, but we create an experience for our guests that leaves them feeling honored, welcomed, and served. That’s the difference between serving coffee and serving people.

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The People Behind Canyons Coffee

As a husband and wife team, we've taken everything we have learned in life about serving people, making excellent coffee, and business to create Canyons Coffee. We hope that our interactions with our clients go far beyond transactional. After all, life is about people. Let us know how we can serve you!

“Maddy and Steven were so amazing! Thank you both so much, you were an absolute joy!”

Britneigh JohnsonRS&H Architecture Company

Madeline Swank

Maddy is the co-founder and visionary behind Canyons Coffee. Her years of professional barista experience equipped and excited her with the possibility of doing more. She’s used to a fast-paced environment and would much rather be chatting with you over a cup of coffee than chilling at a desk job.

Favorite Coffee Drink: Ethiopian, Kenyan Peaberry, Matcha latte
Favorite Hike in Salt Lake City: Brighton Lakes
On Weekends, She Can Be Found: Hanging out with friends or watching sports with her dog!
What’s Most Important: Living life to the fullest

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Steven Swank

Resident systems expert and web design aficionado, Steven brings his years of freelance business experience to make Canyons Coffee a natural competitor in the coffee catering market.

Favorite Coffee Drink: Oat Milk Mocha or Dirty Chai
Favorite Hike in Salt Lake City: Bells Canyons Waterfall
On Weekends He Can Be Found: Resting
What’s Most Important: Serving people

About Canyons Coffee

Salt Lake City has a lot to offer — beautiful mountain views, outdoor sports, and a whole lot more. But when we moved here, we felt something was missing. We didn’t realize how much we had been spoiled by the booming coffee scene in our hometown of Kansas City. It wasn’t just the excellent coffee that we missed, but the atmosphere and community that those coffee shops nurtured.

Over the years, we’ve been the owners of multiple businesses. From fashion to web design and home decor, we always knew we would pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle. But many of our businesses were temporary. We’d get them off the ground and sell them to new owners (or close them), but all that time, we knew we wanted to find something more permanent — a business venture that allowed us to serve people.

The idea of Canyons Coffee came to us in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic. Coffee and community are both vital parts of our lives. We thought, what if we could bring midwestern coffee culture to Salt Lake City and cultivate authentic relationships at the same time?

We combined Maddy’s entrepreneurial spirit with Steven’s experience in digital marketing to create a business plan we couldn’t stop thinking about. We would launch as a coffee cart company with the intention of one day opening a coffee shop. In 2022 we served coffee at our first event – the Rock Climbing World Cup in Salt Lake City, and in 2023 plans to open a coffee shop began.

Our Timeline

Maddy started working in coffee and never looked back.
Our first real business adventure. We started selling handmade letter boards.
The idea for Canyons Coffee was born.
We started buying the equipment for the cart and raised funds.
Canyons Coffee officially launched at the Rock Climbing World Cup in Salt Lake City.
We leased a space in West Jordan, UT and began plans to open a coffee shop.

Why Coffee Carts?

We don’t make just any coffee. Complete with hand-pulled espresso, latte art, and your milk of choice — your guests get a luxury experience. We wanted to fully embrace the high-quality nature of our beans and a food truck just wasn’t the right fit.

A mobile coffee cart is great because it doesn’t require parking space and it isn’t very loud. It won’t disrupt the integrity of your event at all. In fact, we’ll probably just blend into the background.

A smile makes a difference — and your guests will get to connect directly with us when they order. It’s a personable and professional experience they’ll want to repeat.

Need more info? Check out our frequently asked questions.

What Drinks Do You Serve?

At our coffee carts, we keep a simple menu with espresso based drinks and tea. View our catering menu to see all of our drinks offered to your guests.

Where can I find Canyons Coffee?

You can visit our coffee shop in West Jordan at 3078 W 7800 S #1A, West Jordan, UT 84088. Or you can book us for your event and we will bring the experience to you.

Do you serve any food?

At our coffee carts, we focus only on drinks so that we can be mobile and keep our quality high! In our coffee shop, we serve pastries along with our full specialty coffee menu.

Do your carts need access to water?

Nope! We bring our own water. We only need access to electricity and then we’re good to go.

How many people can you serve at an event?

We can make 50 drinks per hour at each coffee cart.

Do you serve drip coffee at events?

At events, we only serve espresso based drinks.