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In a bustling coffee scene where the desire for quality and craftsmanship is on the rise, Canyons Coffee has made its mark by introducing West Jordan, UT to the world of third wave coffee. With their recently opened location in West Jordan, Canyons Coffee has become a focal point for coffee lovers seeking an exceptional and unforgettable coffee experience. In this blog post, we will delve into what third wave coffee is and explore how Canyons Coffee has embraced this movement, revolutionizing the local coffee scene.

Understanding Third Wave Coffee

To fully appreciate Canyons Coffee’s contribution to the West Jordan community, it’s essential to grasp the concept of third wave coffee. While the first wave can be characterized as the era of commercialized coffee, and the second wave introduced the idea of gourmet coffee chains, the term “third wave” refers to a movement that emphasizes coffee as a artisanal product. It focuses on the craft and origin of coffee, highlighting the unique flavors and nuances offered by various coffee beans and brewing methods.

Canyons Coffee’s Pursuit of Excellence

Canyons Coffee embodies the essence of third wave coffee by partnering with a local roaster which sources high-quality beans from select regions globally. Their commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices ensures that not only is the coffee delicious, but it also supports ethical farming practices.

Craftsmanship and Education

To truly appreciate third wave coffee, Canyons Coffee places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and education. Their baristas are trained extensively, ensuring every cup of coffee is carefully prepared to perfection. By sharing their knowledge with customers, they help to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for the art of brewing coffee.

The Canyons Coffee Experience

With their recent opening in West Jordan, locals now have access to an exceptional coffee experience. Canyons Coffee’s location serves as a hub for coffee enthusiasts, providing a space where individuals can connect over their shared love for great coffee. The inviting atmosphere encourages customers to relax and savor their drinks while engaging in conversation or enjoying some alone time.

Beyond their physical location, Canyons Coffee also offers mobile espresso bars and specialty coffee catering services. By bringing the luxurious experience of a specialty coffee shop to events and gatherings, Canyons Coffee aims to create memorable moments for their customers.


Canyons Coffee has undoubtedly made a significant impact by introducing West Jordan to the concept of third wave coffee. Their dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability has set a new standard for coffee in the area. As coffee lovers continue to seek out unique and exceptional experiences, Canyons Coffee is well-positioned to lead the way, ensuring that residents of West Jordan can indulge in the world of third wave coffee without leaving their community.

So, if you find yourself in West Jordan, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Canyons Coffee and immerse yourself in the delightfully complex and exquisite world of third wave coffee.

Canyons Coffee

Canyons Coffee is the premier mobile espresso bar and specialty coffee catering service in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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